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I am a French multi-instrumentalist and music composer born in 1996.

I’ve been playing the guitar since 2007. I’ve always been into music, for as far as I can remember. In the beginning, it was mainly blues, rock, and funk.

Then, in 2012, I discovered electronic music. I continued to explore many genres, and I finally set out to experiment with electronic and house music.

Along with creating my own tracks with a personal touch, I am deeply inspired by the works of artists such as Pomo, Disclosure, Montmartre, Moon Boots or Benjamin Diamond…

These icons of house music symbolize the level of groove and awesomeness I strive for when shaping each new track.

My music

It's Easy

August 2015

Got 2 Be Real

February 2016

Kerry Reeve – Red Satin Dress (Odhexan Remix)

April 2016

Moon Boots – Love Strong (Odhexan Remix)

June 2016


November 2016


June 2017


  • Beginning of music composition


    A musical journey that began mainly with rock, funk and blues.

  • Launch of SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter pages


    As social media took the net by storm, using diverse platforms, apps and tools sharing my first créations became priority, with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

  • Discovering the Universe of House and Electronic music

    Late 2013

    A revelation. Immediately after encountering house and electronic music, I began creating my own tracks using FL Studio 11 and have never stopped composing new tracks ever since.

  • Release of my track "Quasar" on Wolfrage Recordings label

    May 2015

    Release of my track Quasar on Wolfrage Recordings label May 2015 My 1st breakthrough, with a label signing me for a track. Quasar is an electronic track, with a very progressive side to it inspired by Sander Van Doorn's "Get Enough".

  • Release of my track "Unseen Moon" on Lite Licht Records

    September 2015

    Unseen Moon is my second label signed track. This label is called Lite Licht Records and is based in Grenoble, France.

  • Release of my first official remix

    April 2016

    This was the first time I directly approached an artist to request to do a remix of his track. Kerry Reeve graciously accepted 1 hour after I asked her and I'm grateful to her. It resulted in a Nu-Disco track with groovy vocoded voices.

    Remixes allowed me to work with voices stems and discover a new way of working, while being guided by existing parts.

  • First radioshow

    Late May 2016

    After the release of Unseen Moon in September 2015, Lite Licht Records' Director, Krixx, invited me to her own radioshow. I had the chance to talk about my vision of music, in a live broadcast on MaxFM 94.5.

  • Release of my Moon Boots' "Love Strong" remix

    June 2016

    Love Strong is a track I discovered back in late 2013 while exploring House and electronic music. This track was an immense inspiration for me.

    In May 2016, I directly sent a message to Moon Boots through his Facebook page, asking for the permission to do a remix. I felt absolutely blessed when he replied back, sending me all the separated channels of the track.

  • Reaching 75,000 cumulated plays on SoundCloud

    August 2016

    As long as I improved my tracks, big channels over SoundCloud accepted to support me and share my tracks with tens of thousands of people.

  • Launch of odhexan.me

    November 2016

  • Release of my track "Bastille" on Drop Fire Records

    November 2016

    Bastille is a bass-house track with a powerful drop. I released this track on a label based in Grenoble, France called Drop Fire Records

  • Éden

    Early June 2017

    My new track is released on Poomclap Records, and a few days after on the YouTube channel Artzie Music. It hits 10,000 plays in less than a week!


“Perfect Vibe!”

About "Love Strong (Odhexan Remix)", from Mountain of Youth, producer signed at Ultra Music

“Sweet tune”

About "Love Strong (Odhexan Remix)", from Jen Jis, French producer at Universal/Polydor

“With Unseen Moon, Odhexan is releasing a house track with light and catching chords”

About "Unseen Moon", from Krixx, Head of Lite Licht Records

“I could write a novel at how utterly incredibly funky it is...”

About "Red Satin Dress (Odhexan Remix)", from Kerry Reeve, composer of the original song

“Pure bliss...!”

From DJ Agosten, MaxFM 94.5 Animator

“This track is HUGE!”

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